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Accessibility for Ontarians
with Disabilities Act

Gymboree's Accessibility Policy and Multi-Year Accessibility Plan


  • This 2014-2021 Accessibility Plan outlines the policies and actions that The Gymboree Corporation ("Gymboree") will put in place to improve opportunities for persons with disabilities in its store locations in Ontario, Canada. This Plan outlines how Gymboree intends to meet the requirements of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation made under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (the "AODA").
  • Gymboree is dedicated to providing goods, services and employment in an accessible manner and is committed to treating all people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. We believe in integration and equal opportunity. We are committed to meeting the reasonable accessibility needs of persons with disabilities in a timely manner, and will do so by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility and meeting accessibility requirements under the AODA.
  • This Plan is a fluid document that will be revised at least once every five years to reflect changes in Gymboree’s accessibility strategies. Gymboree welcomes feedback regarding this Plan, in whichever format is most convenient to the person giving feedback. If the Plan states that a document or information is available upon request, such requests should be made by phoning Gymboree’s Customer Service number at 1 (877) 449-6932 or by sending an e-mail to

Individualized Emergency Preparedness Plan

Gymboree will develop individualized emergency preparedness plans as required and as soon as practicable, for employees who Gymboree is aware require assistance in emergency situations.


Gymboree will provide training to employees, volunteers and other staff members on Ontario’s accessibility laws and on the Human Rights Code as it relates to persons with disabilities. Training will be provided in a way that best suits the duties of employees, volunteers and other staff members.

Gymboree will ensure that employees are provided with the training needed to meet Ontario’s accessibility laws by January 1, 2015. Gymboree will maintain records to confirm that each employee, volunteer and staff member has read and completed the training materials.

The training will cover the objectives of the AODA and how to interact, communicate and support persons with disabilities in light of their disability. After January 1, 2015, the training will be conducted as needed, in order to inform individuals of changes to Gymboree’s procedures and policies in delivering goods or services to persons with disabilities. If newly hired, the individual will receive training as soon as practicable. The training delivered will instruct employees, volunteers and other staff members on the following:

  • Persons with disabilities may use their own assistive devices when visiting Gymboree.
  • Persons accompanied by a guide dog or service animal are permitted to enter our premises with the animal, except in areas in which the animal is excluded by law.
  • When a person with a disability is accompanied by a support person, both the person with the disability and the support person are permitted to enter together and have equal access to Gymboree’s premises.
  • Gymboree will provide notice to the public of any temporary disruptions to facilities or services offered by Gymboree and used by persons with disabilities. This notice will include the reason for the disruption, the anticipated length of the disruption and a description of any alternative facilities and/or services that are available.
  • The Plan is available at

Point-of-Sale Devices and Service Counters

Gymboree will consider the accessibility of electronic terminals when designing, procuring or acquiring self-service kiosks including point-of-sale devices. Gymboree will consider the various needs of persons with disabilities prior to making any decisions regarding the purchase, implementation and use of self-service kiosks.

By January 1, 2017, Gymboree will ensure that when constructing new service counters (or replacing existing service counters), there will be at least one service counter that reasonably accommodates a mobility aid. This service counter will be clearly identified and will:

  • Be at a height such that it is usable seated in a mobility aid;
  • Have sufficient knee clearance for a person seated in a mobility aid; and
  • Have sufficient floor space in front of the counter to accommodate a mobility aid.

If applicable, by January 1, 2017, when constructing new fixed queuing guides, Gymboree will ensure that the fixed queuing guides have sufficient width and floor area to allow for the passage of mobility assistive devices and are cane detectable. Gymboree will have procedures for preventative and emergency maintenance of accessible elements and for dealing with temporary disruptions when accessible elements are not in working order.

Accessible Websites and Web Content

  • Gymboree is committed to meeting the communication needs of persons with disabilities. By January 1, 2016, Gymboree will, upon request, consult with persons with a disability in order to provide and arrange for the provision of accessible formats and communication supports.
  • Gymboree will take steps to ensure that all new websites and website content conform with the Worldwide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) at Level A.
  • By January 1, 2021, Gymboree's internet websites and web content will conform with WCAG 2.0 Level AA.

Feedback, Accessible Formats and Communication Supports

  • Gymboree will accept feedback in person at retail locations, by phoning our Customer Service number at 1-877-449-6932, by emailing us at or by writing to us at Gymboree Customer Service, 2299 Kids Way, Dixon, CA 95620.
  • Gymboree will ensure that, by January 1, 2015, it has the processes in place for receiving and responding to feedback that are accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • By January 1, 2016, and upon request, Gymboree will provide or arrange for accessible formats and communication supports that suit for persons with a disability, at no extra cost and in a timely manner. Requesting persons we be consulted as to the suitability of an accessible format or communication support.
  • By January 1, 2016, Gymboree will notify the public about the availability of accessible formats and communication supports.


Gymboree is committed to fair and accessible employment practices. By January 1, 2016, accessibility will be integrated into Gymborees employment-related practices throughout the employment life cycle, as set out in more detail in this section. Gymboree will take the following steps to notify the public and staff that, when requested, they will provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities during the recruitment and assessment processes, and after individuals are hired.