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Crazy 8

SIZES 4-14
SIZES 4-14
SIZES 6 M -14

Clothing Care

Washing and Drying Hints

Before you wash or dry any of our garments, always refer to our Crazy 8 wash instructions. Remember to empty pockets and close zippers to prevent snagging.

Don't let it fade away. Keep the colors alive...

To help prevent the colors from fading, remember to always turn garments inside out before washing.

Keep the denim blues...

Wash denim separately the first few times in cold water and be sure to turn denim garments inside out to avoid color streaking.

Zip and button it up...

To prevent snagging, zip up the zippers and close the buttons on your garments.

Live without the lint...

To avoid clothes collecting lint, wash lint-giving fabrics (those with a higher pile) separately from lint-attracting ones such as dark clothes and corduroy.

Color clarity...

Remember to separate your wash by sorting the wash load into light and dark colors. Wash light-colored garments in warm or cold water, and dark- or bright-colored garments in cold water. Remember to empty pockets and close zippers to prevent snagging.

Drying decisions...

Avoid overloading the dryer. Remember, if you put too much into the dryer at once, clothes may lump together, remain damp and become excessively wrinkled.